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Friday, December 9, 2011

North Pole Suburb - Rural Cuba City WI

  I'm really getting the knack of mass production on my Christmas cards this year.  My house is slowly beginning to look like a suburb of the North Pole. 

He Sees You When You're Crafting...
    On the right, 16 Santa cards await centers and gifts tucked inside for friends and relatives.  The card is based on one I saw HERE - just click!  Of course they aren't identical - nothing ever is, is it?  I used up a lot of wiggle eyes I know - they were a lot of fun.  Some Santas may look a little cross-eyed, but not as much as I feel after adhering them to the cards!

  The down side is, with this many Santas staring at you, you really have to be good and not pout, etc.  You absolutely KNOW he's watching you!

Bella in her Preschool Period
   Another crafter who is getting good at what she does is Pat's granddaughter.  Pat gave her a few images to color, because she always steals into the craft room to "make a card or two".  So after she colored the images, Pat cut them out and helped her attach them to card bases.  Bella printed the names of those who are getting her cards on each, as well as writing her name on the inside.  She needed a little help with wrapping her gifts and attaching the cards to them.  After all, she's only four years old!

  Some crafters are just born to create!  So follow Bella's lead and create.  There are only 15 more crafting days until Christmas, don't you know!?!


  1. Love Bella's cards! Linda, your cards turned out great!!! - Mel

  2. Bella's cards really rock, Grandma! WE WANT MORE!


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