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Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 19 - Albums & Journals & Notebooks, Oh My!

No matter if you have a scrapbooker, an artist or a writer in your family, these covers will inspire you to think handmade for Christmas this year.  They are so easy to make, so useful to give, and so economical for your budget. 
Our project today comes from Donna Clark, whose family and friends are going to love their presents!'

The first cover is for a 2012 Calendar.  I love those Interstate signs, and they way she mixed her aalphas.  What a great gift for practically anyone!

Next up are some Journal covers.  I love how Donna placed buttons and ribbons on the covers for bookmarking inside.
I've seen the ribbons come out of books' spines, but this is something we can do ourselves very easily!

Now for a couple of drawing book covers, customized toward their prospective owners' interests and personalities.
I have a teen daughter who could use a journal AND an art book AND a calendar!

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  1. Love them! Another quick Christmas gift that the receiver will love!


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