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Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the 3rd Day of Christmas - Trifold card

Today is the 3rd day of Christmas and our project is a Trifold Card, to go along with our continuing Twelve days of Crafting Christmas song:
On the THIRD day of Christmas, my crafter made for me,
A THREE-fold Christmas CARD (those 2 Christmas cards, and that pretty Christmas
ornament to hang)… .

What a great incentive to finally move these few things that have been sitting on my desk, waiting for a bit of creativity to hit me.  I have no idea where I got them from - but I am sure they came from our scrapbook group in a pif or a swap.

This is the final card - a trifold card.  The top opens up UNDER the crackled background and license plate - which reads WISCONSIN - Fishn!  I have a brother who has a birthday in January and he just loves to fish.  Being single he has the time and he's always eager to call me and report the catch.  He'll love this for a birthday surprise!
 Here you can see the interior.  With the license plate and the background papers, I also had a stash of camo ribbon and this wonderful burlap colored writing paper - perfect for that all important note to him.

Here I have laid my scissors on the bottom 1/3 flap so you can see how that works.  I do hope you have a bit of time to try a trifold card.  They come in many methods - basically take a 6x12 sheet of cardstock and instead of folding in 1/2 - you will fold down 1/4 and fold up 1/4 leaving the interior a 6x6 surface. 

I now have my ornament, 2 Christmas cards, and a Trifold Card.  What will happen tomorrow?


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