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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11 - From Plain Jane to Chic in No Time Flat

Welcome back to our 25 Days of Crafting Christmas.  So far we've seen some pretty amazing projects, but wait, here comes another line of the song and a new project:

On the SEVENTH day of Christmas my crafter made for me,
A Christmas DECORATION (a few gift card holders, 5 shiny snowflakes, 4  goodie bags, one 3-fold card,  2 Christmas cards, and that pretty Christmas ornament to hang)…

For my decoration, I altered a couple of Black Friday deals into table decorations.
I got to Menard's in time to snag a few Jar Candles--they had very limited choices: Vanilla, Cinnamon Vanilla Spice and Pumpkin Spice, but the jars were nice and large, and the scents not too bad (remember, a gal with allergies thinks a lot of things stink).  You can also check out the selection of glass jar candles at the Dollar Store, because you can change a boring, inexpensive gift into a beautifully hand-crafted gift of love with a little time and a few materials.

So anyway, I covered the jars with leftover patterned paper, adhered a nice diecut sticker or colored image, nicely framed, then added ribbon, lace and flowers to give a Christmas look.  A piece of coordinating patterned paper cut to fit the circular cover and a holiday sentiment, and I have two handmade decorations ready to warm the room with light and warmth! 
Check out the handmade flowers on the lids:  The one on the left is mine (I just started making them) and the one on the right is from Shannon (flower-maker extraordinaire).  I have several of Shannon's flowers and I'm going to see how her larger ones look on a Christmas wreath that is in need of some paper magic!

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