Please note that every challenge in this blog can be entered with any form of art work, not just cards. Themes may have to be slighly altered, but as long as they represent the general idea, feel free to enter.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your Scrapbook Place Challenges

is taking a SPRING BREAK this week...

Have a great week everyone, and remember to do something crafty.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SPRING - a Design Team Challenge

Join our Design Team this week for a WORD Challenge.  Use the word SPRING in a project.
Annette Granito

Pat Martin

Linda Weber
Hope you found these beautiful projects inspiring.
Share your project for a chance to win some SPRING embellishments.

Like most of our challenges, this challenge begins on Monday and ends Sunday night.

A BELATED UPDATE ... our random winner for this challenge is ... DRUM ROLL HERE ...


Watch your mailbox for some SPRING embellishments.

Thanks for playing everyone.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Calling all Math Whizzes! It's Pi Day

UPDATE!!!  We have a winner for our little Fill in the Blank contest, congratulations Cindy Horsely.  Cindy wins a Spring Paper Candy Kit today!  Don't forget to play in our challenge this week... read on.

Yes, we celebrate Pi Day in our house.

This week, create something that includes a pie shape, or numbers.

Share a link to your NEW project (no recycling pre-made, pre-published items) by Sunday night for a chance to win some fun Spring prizes.  Our next challenge will be on Monday.

For a chance to win a Spring Paper Candy Kit today - fill in the blank.  DO NOT LEAVE THE ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS - you will be disqualified.  The first one to email me at (checking by date stamp - not responsible for server delays) with the correct answer wins.  If I receive more than TEN correct answers - I will provide TWO prizes, and the second one will be RANDOM.  More players, more chances to win!





Remember, E-Mail your answer to - put HAPPY NATIONAL Pi DAY in the subject line.

The Greek letter π, often spelled out pi in text, was first adopted for the number as an abbreviation of the Greek word for perimeter "περίμετρος" (or as an abbreviation for "perimeter/diameter") by _______ _____ in ____. [source:  Wikipedia]

Don't forget to enter the weekly drawing by sharing a link to your NEW project (no recycling pre-made, pre-published items) by Sunday night for a chance to win some fun Spring prizes.   [update:  mr. linky is on the fritz this week so please place your links in the comments, thanks]

Sunday, March 13, 2011

get ready

tomorrow, at 12:01 am, there will be a quickie trivia bit, and an opportunity to win some Spring Paper Candy...

the first person to e-mail the correct answer will win ...

so, just saying ... be ready!

Friday, March 11, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - C E L E B R A T E

UPDATE!!!  Congratulations, Pat!  Pat was the only person who participated each day in our SPRING CLEANING Challenge.

You worked hard all week, why not celebrate.

Kick back, and have some fun this weekend.

Today, simple share your scrappy plans for the weekend.

I'll be doing a drawing of people who commented every day during our Spring Cleaning challenges, so if you missed any, start over.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - G O T P H O T O S ???

When is the last time you printed pictures?

Where are your pictures?

Are they sorted?

Give your photos a little love.  Shop your stash and put together some kits to scrap some photos this weekend, or some ACTUAL date in the near future.

Share your photo plans, and the status of your photos.

Did I mention that if you participated in SPRING CLEANING every DAY, you'd be entered to win some extra nice prizes?  Hope you were participating.

If not, return to MONDAY and get cracking!  If you get SPRING CLEANING done before SPRING actually arrives, you'll have more time to enjoy the roses.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - Unfinished Business

Okay, I had fun with the eyelets.  I got jiggy with the eyelets.  I had a blast with the items from the past.  I hope you had fun too.

Today, let's talk unfinished business.

I got into beading HEAVY DUTY last fall, and quickly amassed a LOT of beads, and a LOT of projects.  Then, I did a REALITY check.  I now have a rule that I don't shop if I have more than three projects on the burner.

I decided I would apply this to my scrapbooking.  Now, I'm not talking about the eight layouts from your last weekend crop that still need titles and journaling, although, while you're thinking about it, it wouldn't hurt to break 'em out...

I'm talking about all the kits and stuff you bought on sale.  Some day is now!  Put together something you bought a while back.  Make a plan for putting together additional kits - make a scrappy date with yourself and a friend.  If you found some things you just won't use, consider sharing them with a friend, let one of the kids put one together.  Clear out some clutter.

Okay, don't balk.  Just do SOMETHING.

Share a pic or story about your "some day" project.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - E M B E L L I S H M E

Good morning.

Happy Tuesday.

How'd that paper mission turn our for you?  I found a couple sheets that needed a new home, a few that were meant for forgotten projects.

Today, let's talk embellishments...

Those plastic frames, the ones you bought 50 of them when they went on sale?  Why are you hanging on to those?

Eyelets ... where are they.  Are you using them?  Do you even know where your eyelet setter is?  What's the mat looking like, or do you use a Crop-o-Dile?  When's the last time you showed your Crop-o-Dile some love.

Take a minute to cull your ancient embellies, and use them on a quick project.

Make something old NEW again.

You know those fun gem and pearl flourishes and swirls?  Use eyelets or brads.  Give old items new purpose.

Post links to your project in the comments.  Share a tip for sorting them, storing them, or making sure they are used.

Monday, March 7, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - P A P E R

So last week, you shared your weather related projects.

Personally, I'm looking forward to tulips poking up, sun shiny days, long walks and photo expeditions, and picnics at the park.

Something else that's coming ...

S P R I N G    C L E A N I N G

Our group is all about sharing, swapping, and trading our stash.  De-clutter your stash, and put together some fun themed kits.

This week, we'll check in each day.

Today, it's ...


Examine your paper stash.  Did you know one inch of paper is about 75 sheets - that's enough to do at least 35 layouts.

Are you saving your paper scraps?  Have you been using them?

Take TEN MINUTES today to examine your paper.  Is there some you can share, some you can spare, some that would really enjoy a trip to the recycling center?

Share your PAPER tales!  How do you organize your paper?  What exciting things did you find when you went through some of your paper?