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Monday, March 7, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - P A P E R

So last week, you shared your weather related projects.

Personally, I'm looking forward to tulips poking up, sun shiny days, long walks and photo expeditions, and picnics at the park.

Something else that's coming ...

S P R I N G    C L E A N I N G

Our group is all about sharing, swapping, and trading our stash.  De-clutter your stash, and put together some fun themed kits.

This week, we'll check in each day.

Today, it's ...


Examine your paper stash.  Did you know one inch of paper is about 75 sheets - that's enough to do at least 35 layouts.

Are you saving your paper scraps?  Have you been using them?

Take TEN MINUTES today to examine your paper.  Is there some you can share, some you can spare, some that would really enjoy a trip to the recycling center?

Share your PAPER tales!  How do you organize your paper?  What exciting things did you find when you went through some of your paper?


  1. I organize by ROYGBIV - have done this forever it seems. I'm also destashing as fast as I can, I have so much old paper that I've even been making envelopes out of it. I'm hoping to replace my paper only as I need it from now on - not hoarding it. It'll be fun to see everyone's comments about paper! Thanks Allie!

  2. Hello I put all my scraps in a tote and it goes back and forth to the crop for the girls to use on cricut cuts. I have a tote of papers for cards that are sorted by colors on cardstocks and pattern paper by company. I also have a tote of 6x12 cardstocks for bigger cuts when i use my little cricut. My craft room has 3 standing paper holders orgainzed by colors on cardstock and pattern paper loose sheets are sorted in color themes on sit down paper racks. I too and not buying more paper unless it is needed and NOT hoarding anymore of anything ..

  3. I love Paper. Mulberry and Vellum are my most favorite. I have a scrap drawer for my leftovers. Trouble is most of my paper is stored in bins right now and stashed in the other side of our home until all is done remodeling. It wouldn't take much if brother dear would quit his job LOL. I talked to him today and he informed me he is taking off 3 weeks to repair his house where the people rammed a car into it drunk driving. Now come on I was first in line.
    I used to store my paper in crop bags then it got overloaded and I moved up to a shelving unit then it was getting overwhelmed and well. You know what's sad I can't go to the area when most is stored due to legs but if I could you may not see me for a long while. I miss my stuff sob sob.

  4. I just did my second major purge in my craft room. I have to share my space with my 3YO granddaughter now, so I had to downsize drastically. Some of it went to the Party Board, while more went into a box for my sisters and mom, who scrapbook.
    So now I keep my paper scraps and leftovers in one of my file drawers, as well as my 8.5x11 papers. My 12x12 are boxed and hidden behind a door in my craft cabinet. I posted photos of my stashed stash, as well as my newest cards made completely from scraps! You can see it all here:

  5. I also store my Paper by Colors the same way Linda does, An i have a special 12x12 accordian file box, that i store themed paper in. I started to get alot of sacks and i just keep those together on the shelve standing with the glued edge out, and write what it is with a sharpie. I keep all m 8x11 paper in a separate crate that sits under my desk and its the first spot i check when i need something. I also keep scraps. This challenge made me do an inventory, and i pulled out a bunch of randoms that i do not need. That will be heading to someone soon.

  6. I store my Cardstock in Vertical Cropper Hoppers along the back of my desk. Yes I have way too much but at some point I know I won't be working like I do now and will need a stash for when I can't order anything I like! I have all my Basic Grey papers together in between the cardstock in it's own File and I have another File that holds all of my Birthday/Sport/Nature or camping/Christmas papers ... these are what I use the most! I also have a rolling file type box that holds all the rest of my pattern paper and it is sorted according to color. My scraps are in a 5 by 12.5 inch box and I have a small folder for each color. I use this a lot for cricutting and cards and such.

  7. I seem to have quite a bit of paper but never just that color I am looking for. I gave away stacks and stacks a few years ago to a Veterans Home. Now, I am more interested in holding on to what I have and using it since I am so far away from stores and can't get the deals I used to get. I keep scraps in a plastic container...quite large one. I also keep most of my paper in Vertical Cropper Hopper containers mostly by colors. I do have a lot of bazzill paper so really it is not that many sheets since they are so much thicker than others. I also keep special themed paper in art bin 12 x 12 storage containers. I have also started doing something new with scraps. When I have completed a project I will take my scallop circle punches and punch some out of the scraps and keep them separate for card making.


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