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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - E M B E L L I S H M E

Good morning.

Happy Tuesday.

How'd that paper mission turn our for you?  I found a couple sheets that needed a new home, a few that were meant for forgotten projects.

Today, let's talk embellishments...

Those plastic frames, the ones you bought 50 of them when they went on sale?  Why are you hanging on to those?

Eyelets ... where are they.  Are you using them?  Do you even know where your eyelet setter is?  What's the mat looking like, or do you use a Crop-o-Dile?  When's the last time you showed your Crop-o-Dile some love.

Take a minute to cull your ancient embellies, and use them on a quick project.

Make something old NEW again.

You know those fun gem and pearl flourishes and swirls?  Use eyelets or brads.  Give old items new purpose.

Post links to your project in the comments.  Share a tip for sorting them, storing them, or making sure they are used.


  1. After i started using the crop-o-dile i love it.. makes setting eyelets a breeze.. my eyelets/brads are sorted in divided boxes (18 slots per box) by color.. IE one for red one for orange etc. I do have one box that has some of each color i drag to crop with me so i can have some of each color that way. my eyelets are stored in medical boxes the kind that says sun-saturday and little lids open. i have one for holidays and one for flowers and other shapes, then my regular round ones are in those tins tha thave little tins inside them.

  2. YES YES YES i luv eyelets. I also use the crop-o-dile, unless its a special set, then i have to do it the old fashion way. LOL i just came from a crop where someone was hammering. I store all my small findings by Colors, in one of those tool/nails grey storage binds. So each color has, about 6 drawers of it own. And i store items apart like, eyelets, brad, buttons, rings/misc, glitter, mesh. then i have one just for themes as well.

  3. I too have a crop-o-dile and it sits on my desk and gets a lot of use. I have all my brads/eyelets/buttons in snap boxes I got from WalMart. They are like giant weekly pill boxes and I have one for every color! I keep these all in a leather tote under my desk that I can easily carry to a crop or friends house and I always share! My flowers ribbons and other embellies have various hiding spaces mostly in canning jars or plastic baggies that are then stacked in old shoe boxes and tucked in rolling plastic totes. All of my stuff is confined to one large old butcher block table in my living room so everything has to fit on or under that table. Yes I do need to thin out the masses .. but just not now LOL! I love my variety!

  4. I luv luv luv Shaped Eyelet's. I store all my eyelets in those metal file drawers found in the hardware section in most chain stores. I think the men folk put nuts and bolts in them, crazy waste of a good box if you ask me. They have clear door fronts and slide out. Yep men they belong to women now so get over it. On my shaped eyelets, I place one with a glue dot on the outside drawer. On my regular eyelets I can see their colors so I left them alone. I utilize these boxes for many other things too.

  5. Noiw I know I posted a comment with a link here, and it haqs disappeared! Oh, well, You can cherck out my blog and the project I made with my ancient, long lost embellies at:


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