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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - Unfinished Business

Okay, I had fun with the eyelets.  I got jiggy with the eyelets.  I had a blast with the items from the past.  I hope you had fun too.

Today, let's talk unfinished business.

I got into beading HEAVY DUTY last fall, and quickly amassed a LOT of beads, and a LOT of projects.  Then, I did a REALITY check.  I now have a rule that I don't shop if I have more than three projects on the burner.

I decided I would apply this to my scrapbooking.  Now, I'm not talking about the eight layouts from your last weekend crop that still need titles and journaling, although, while you're thinking about it, it wouldn't hurt to break 'em out...

I'm talking about all the kits and stuff you bought on sale.  Some day is now!  Put together something you bought a while back.  Make a plan for putting together additional kits - make a scrappy date with yourself and a friend.  If you found some things you just won't use, consider sharing them with a friend, let one of the kids put one together.  Clear out some clutter.

Okay, don't balk.  Just do SOMETHING.

Share a pic or story about your "some day" project.


  1. And the purge will set me free! Thanks for the inspiration to use , find the best storage and finally, togive away those embellies that aren't really on my "need to use" list.
    Here's the link to my ideas, and a project I had to make with those ill-used embellies (and a small giftie to a lucky commenter):

  2. I just need to organize a bit of time to get stuff done! But I did manage to do 8 pages in my ancestry album yesterday.........all because of you Allie! :)

  3. I adore beads and the most favorite thing I learned many years ago was to make things with Red tacky tape and micro beads. I was super surprised at all you can do with the tape and how nice it looks on my pages. Thanks for bringing back fond memories of times gone by just by bringing up beads!

  4. I have lots and lots of kits .. Handmade and Store bought new .. but I like them all and hope to use them all eventually!! LOL! I will definitely be doing some kits this weekend. I've been so busy with swaps/pifs last few weeks I haven't scrapped for myself in a while. It's Time!

  5. After an event (sometimes long after), I will print the photos I want to scrap (and maybe some extras, just in case) and "bag" them ogether with the papers and embellishments and memorabilia that I want to use on the pages. I'll even throw in some coordinating card stock to frame out the photos, etc.
    That way when I find the tinme to scrap, they are in a very portable bag, easy for me to grab and go, whether it's all the way across the room to my craft table, or at an out of town crop.


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