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Thursday, March 10, 2011

S P R I N G C L E A N I N G - G O T P H O T O S ???

When is the last time you printed pictures?

Where are your pictures?

Are they sorted?

Give your photos a little love.  Shop your stash and put together some kits to scrap some photos this weekend, or some ACTUAL date in the near future.

Share your photo plans, and the status of your photos.

Did I mention that if you participated in SPRING CLEANING every DAY, you'd be entered to win some extra nice prizes?  Hope you were participating.

If not, return to MONDAY and get cracking!  If you get SPRING CLEANING done before SPRING actually arrives, you'll have more time to enjoy the roses.


  1. I really need a better plan for sorting and storing my pictures. I even have film I need developed but keep putting it off until I can come up with safe,compacted and better storage. I can't wait to see the other ideas so I can learn more. Most of mine are stored in plastic file folders but this week I think I will go thru them and add dates and file them better usually I will just get a folder and scrap whatever may be inside. Keeps me surprised to say the least. I have forgotten I even had some of them. So yes I think somehow I need to date and use the older ones first always. Any suggestions ladies I am open for it.

  2. My pictures are sorted in regular envelopes by date in a rolling tote under my scrap table. I have a drawer for my son, a drawer for my daughter and the bottom drawer holds everything else! I do a pack of pictures then put the envie back into my box to reuse and put the extra pictures into a ziploc bag marked EXTRA! This weekend I hope to get a few kits/packs of photo's done!

  3. I am about caught up on all my photos. So this past weekend I enjoyed setting up my Family Tree Ancestry Album with pages and matting all the photos so I'm ready to just sit and spread it all out on the pages. Thanks Allie!

  4. My photos have been calling out to me for quite a long time...years perhaps to get them in some beautiful books cropped and scrapped. I have them pretty organized from the past but my newer ones need to come off my camera onto a CD and then made copies of. I have a few hundred there and don't want to lose any but I don't have the computer cord for the camera and just need to get the SD card to a store and on a CD or more than one CD. I have most of my photos in Cropper Hopper photo protectors and inside their purple cover plastic containers. I also have a few in Creative Memories storage. I will commit to getting some cropped this weekend..I know I need to be more specific..I will crop at least 4 pages and share next week. Really!

  5. Most of my printed photos are sorted, either by event or by year or sometimes by person. I also have just one photo box full of printed photos that are unsorted, and labeled that way!
    All of my digital photos have been sorted into folders on the computer.
    i find it's easier to scrap the newest photos than to try to make pages of the older ones, but my goal this year is to get a couple albums full of layouts using the older photos.


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