Please note that every challenge in this blog can be entered with any form of art work, not just cards. Themes may have to be slighly altered, but as long as they represent the general idea, feel free to enter.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Challenge

In like a lion,
Out like a lamb...

If March comes in like a lion, roaring and gnashing its teeth, is it true that it will end on a sweet, soft note?

Other March tales ...

A dry March and a wet May?Fill barns and bays with corn and hay.
As it rains in March so it rains in June.
March winds and April showers? Bring forth May flowers.
What has the weather done for you lately?  What's in your forecast?

The challenge this week is to share a WEATHER related project.  This can be a card, a layout, anything your heart desires.

Share a link to your project in the comments.


  1. Great challenge - I'll take that challenge and post later today!

    And for our forecast: today we're half and half - and I don't mean cream. Sunny in the a.m. and cloudy in the p.m. Supposedly March has come in like a lamb in southwest Wisconsin.

  2. in like a lamb here in Ohio too :-) Bright beautiful sunshine!!!!

  3. bright and sunny here in MO> about 46 degrees wich is better than what we been having. great challenge will work something up tonight whn i get back home

  4. Ok, looks like I'm the first poster to enter a card or anything. :)
    I worked hard on this one! LOL
    You can see my card at my blog:

    Our weather was really sunny here today, but still pretty cold. it's VERY cold here tonight!!

    This was a fun challenge, but I must admit, I'm WAY too hard on myself. lol

  5. I think our weather is nutty lately. I never know how to dress. Some days like today was beautiful and others well Let's just say I cover up more in bed.
    I want to share the card I made for the challenge. trust me I was Challenged every step of the way. My hands were shaking, my nerves on edge and my hair fell out LOL.
    Come take a peek when you can.
    The link is here:

    Cindy Horsley

  6. I just checked out everyone's challenges! Great job - Cindy you underestimate your artistic abilities.

  7. Here's my weather related blog post:

  8. Got in under the wire. At least, before Allie posts a new challenge!! Here's my link with my weather layout:
    Have fun!! Brrr!

  9. How Cool Are You LOL. I love your Cool work. Ice make it that much Cooler!
    Thanks for sharing with us your great talent.
    Cindy Horsley


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