Please note that every challenge in this blog can be entered with any form of art work, not just cards. Themes may have to be slighly altered, but as long as they represent the general idea, feel free to enter.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's Your Favorite Challenge?

POST UPDATE:  Seems like the most requested challenges were sketches and color group themes, so I am hard at work preparing some ... but before we launch those ... I'll have some other things coming up.

I have a PRIZE for EACH of you that posted a comment on THIS challenge, so please CLAIM your prize by emailing me your address.  Please put What's Your Favorite Challenge WINNER in the subject line!

What's your favorite challenge?


What kind of challenges would you like to see here at YOUR Scrapbook Place?

Answer these three questions by leaving a comment.  Your answers will help us come up with new and exciting challenges that are relevant to your creative goals. 


  1. 1. Project challenges and keep 'em simple

    2. Time constraints and short attention span! LOL!

    3. Let's do a challenge where each of us sends a small envie of coordinating papers to a member to create a card or project and post back within "x" time.

  2. Another one! A few years back we had a challenge where we signed up with a partner to create a layout for them. We each sent via email the photos that would be on a 2 page layout (12x12) and the partner created the layout and sent to the other partner. This eventually became a great 1 cr pif also (for one page)!

  3. My favorite challenges are sketch challenges and color group challenges. One of my favorite challenge blogs is The Color Room...

    Tag challenges are also fun...tags are always fun to design...keeping with the Tim Holtz frame of mind :)

  4. I have just recently started entering challenges, and have gone gangbusters this week. Some of them are so simple, that I feel that I can do them, like a color or a theme. others challenge me to use a specific image/line or give out a "recipe" for a card.
    I like to make cards.
    I like to make cards that require some amount of design, like an easel card, a tri-fold, something that I may not have tried yet (like the easel).
    I like badges just as well as random prizes--it's the challenge of creating that I like the most.
    I like layout challenges, and I don't see that many out there!
    Right now my fave challenge blog has to be Hamboe hoedown, cause you get a new digi design each time you fulfill the challenge requirements.