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Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Week, Another Challenge

I'm loving the tip share so much, let's do it again!

Enter as many times as you like.

This week, let's share storage solutions that are decorative. Leave a comment with your tip. Include links to pictures, products, etc. I recently saw a cute recycled idea somewhere featuring Chef Rachel Ray. She used a cereal box to store magazines.

There's my fun and decorative share.


  1. I don't know how decorative it is, but I find the side of my 5-drawer file cabinet lends itself to storage possibilities. Also, I have a set of shelves that I store my CTMH ink pads and flocking/Flower Soft supplies. See the link here:

  2. I'm not one to purchase much to use for storage spots, so basically my whole craft room is improvised from what is on hand in our house. One of my storage solutions is my copic pen storage. My dh built it - 12 individual cubbies all slanted so as to keep the ink in the most used nib side. I had him put a drawer pull type handle on top so I can carry it anywhere and color.

  3. I have a good idea for recycling pringles cans! I make embossing stack storage out of them.
    if you get the 'super stack' pringles cans (about 10 inches tall rather than 7) it will hold quite a few jars of embossing powder.
    decorate them to your hearts desire :)

    You can see mine here in my album in the group.
    my plan was to use a piece of thick acetate for the front, but I couldn't find my few pieces. so, I used 2 sheets of thicker plastic that a set of stickers came in.
    I washed the pringles can (with a few light swipes of a soapy sponge-dry with a paper towel) and then I coated the inside with glue and covered with paper. I glued some paper to the outside (just a few splotches of glue here and there otherwise the paper will crease up all over the place), added some ribbon and flowers and some pretty blingy butterfly gems.

    to hold the plastic on to create a 'door' I used brads on the left side and to create clasps on the right side I used brads and metal photo corners.

    I'm having trouble keeping the front plastic closed, but I think thats cause i didn't use the thick acetate like I wanted to and this stuff is just too thin and slides out from under the photo turns.

    but from the pics you get the idea :)
    make about 4-5 of these you'll never drop another jar of embossing powder behind a desk, bin or off a shelf again.

  4. My favorite item is a decorative thin curtain rod. It has tons of uses. You can put your spools of ribbon on display...hang layouts with the help of a little ribbon and clips..or use it like me, I have my little curtain rod mounted on the wall with clips strung on the rod. I clip my rubons to these so to give me easy it!


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