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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's my first name?

A Self Drawn Sketch of myself!!

I have worn a lot of costumes in the past.  I love to do this.  My costumes have always been hilarious too; such as a two headed monster, one is BUFFY the Elephant and one is a black widow spider and one is a funny clown all are handmade costumes and I used to win many contests with them. 

The elephant one especially I won tons with it I even won a microwave from Lowes one year LOL.
One year in my hometown the city had a gathering downtown and I won the turkey calling contest on stage and I was so shy I had to turn my back to do my call coz I could not do it facing eveyone and my daughter won in her age group too LOL.

I also won a husband calling contest one year there and I was not even married LOL.

I was Santa Claus one year for my hospital department. I told them all I was not coming and I came in last and they all sat on my lap and I gave them all handmade candy I made and they were all trying their darndest to figure out who I was and I gave it up after one of the older gals blew in my ear. LOL I was always the life of the party and I was always the one at work they looked for when a practical joke happened even if I did not do it LOL Yep those were the good ole days for me and I just loved them.

Let's face it - this lady is a party lover!  Who is she?


  1. It has to be that retired dungeon master - Cindy Horsley. It just has to be!
    Pam K

    1. Oh that's hilarious!!! I always tried to take a sneak peak through the bars but she always hit my knuckles! Pretty Wench isn't she!!

  2. LOL You gals are a riot but I hate to tell you that I happen to know 99.9 % that this is Linda Weber. ROCK ON!!!!!

  3. I vote for Linda Weber too.
    Virginia Montagna

  4. I also vote for Linda Weber.
    Virginia Montagna


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