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Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Face for October - Guess

LOUISIANA is the state home of our fearless leader Melissa R. - guessing entry winner is: Cindy H.!!

Here she you know her?  If you think you do or just want to guess, make a comment below and TELL US WHAT STATE she NOW lives in!

Meanwhile we will select a winner for the September GET TO KNOW YOUR SBP FRIENDS.

UPDATE 10/01/12:  The face under the face painting belongs to our beloved Anna Nikander!  How many of you just knew that?  ROTFL!  Face painting is one of her passions and she's thinking about going into business with it!  Best of luck Anna!

And the random no. generator chose #15 as our winner for the month's comments.  You do not have to be correct, just comment.  Same goes this month!  And our winner is:  TERESA ROGERS!  Teresa you will be receiving a cute little gift from us! Enjoy!


  1. Maybe it is Mel? I say washington, because everybody seems to be moving there.
    Pam K

  2. exciting!! Thanks guys!! Hugs,T

  3. My guess is TX for the October mystery woman.
    Virginia Montagna

  4. I guess Melissa, LA as the state once again I am clueless LOL
    This is so much fun!

  5. LA it is, us Southern witches always stick together! ;) teehee...

  6. well going by the updated dates in the database, I am going to go with Linda and say Wisconsin


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