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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


CONGRATULATIONS to our wonderful member Carolyn C. as she joins the HAMBO DESIGN TEAM today!!!  They could not have found a better Design Team Member willing to go the extra mile in creation! 
First thing Carolyn had to do was get an up to date photo of herself, WITH A PIG!, and isn't the pig the cutest!  ROFTL!  Sorry Carolyn - just had to put that in there.  You look super lovely and no I don't see any extra chins (that I don't have too!)

And here's Carolyn's Card presented on MEET THE NEW DT day at Hambo. Click on over there and check out all the fun going on at Hambo!


  1. What a cute lil Halloween Trick or Treater!

  2. Such a cute little devil.. Love the pumpkins too. And CONGRATS on joining the design team..
    Barb S

  3. Holy cow Linda! A card's one thing but the Pig Picture??? He reminds me of the pig in Charlotte's Web! Thank you for the congrats! Much appreciated,

  4. Oh we just live to have fun on this group, don't we Carolyn! Now you have the right to 'get' me someday too! ;)

  5. Congrats Caroyln! I love Hambo and so glad to see you on the DT!

  6. Huge congrats Carolyn! Your work is just stunning, I know they will love you there!! CHeers, Holley


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