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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Today we are featuring a Throwback picture of a crafter and SBP Yahoo group member who seems to have her fingers in a whole lot of pies. She started scrapbooking in elementary school when she received her first scrapbook album as a birthday present. She writes, paints, scrapbooks, alters art, watercolors, and creates mixed media canvases.
Meet Pat Martin, a.k.a. yours truly! LOL
Here's one of her mixed media canvases. In the last few years, Pat (that's me) was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. (I might as well switch to the first person) I have kept off both meds and insulin by watching my diet and exercising.
I have a huge creative project coming up in two weeks. I'm coordinating my parish's vacation bible school and just came back from the Dollar Store with 64 items that will turn the parish center into several different habitats for Weird (One-of-a-kind) Animals.
Before I close, I want to explain about my Throwback photo. I was in 7th grade and wearing a very special dress that my grandma's mother made for her when she was 17. Every female member of the family has been photographed in that dress. At the time (and being 13 years old) I did NOT appreciate wearing the dress, let alone having my picture taken. SO glad my mom insisted, so that I could feel a sense of family every time I look at the layout I created with my daughter, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandma and her cousins in the same outfit. I can't wait for Bella to be old enough for her turn!!


  1. DOUBLE WOW PAT!!!! I love it - dress and all! You are a very active and artistic lady - love having you for a friend!


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