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Monday, July 14, 2014

Mondays with Mel

Now that I'm starting to feel better, I've organized a little, cleaned up a little.

I worked on organizing my embossing folders. I have them in plastic sleeves that fit in a three-ring binder. I have two binders. I kind of know what I have in the binders but in a crunch, I have to go thru the whole binder to find what I need. I had an idea to make a little index of the embossing folders, their name and location. So what I've done was to emboss these little tags then on the back, write the name, location, etc. Then, those little tags went into trading card pages and those pages into my book.

You ask what book? I have a book (binder) that has my Copic color charts, Distress Ink swatch page, etc. It has scanned copies of all my stamp sets with names and manufacturer. That way, when I need a stamp set or looking for something particular, I take out my binder and can look to see what I have instead of going through each stamp set. It works well for me.

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