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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - Spinning Swing Card

I love cards in motion. I love easel cards that stand up and tri-fold shutter cards that have so much dimension. I love swing cards, but I absolutely adore SPINNING Swing cards. I made a YouTube video tutorial on how to measure, fold, cut and create this unique card.  It's easier than you think!
I can see a red, white & blue theme for the fourth of July, or a sparkly snowflake for this winter (okay, no talk about cold weather months). It makes a great presentation when mailed as the recipient pulls the card out of the envelope.
Here's a Halloween card using the same technique:

Have fun trying your hand at this extraordinary card!


  1. Super Great Tutorial!!! Looks easy peasy.

  2. Great card and YOU did a great easy video on how to make it. Direct and to the point! Thanks so much!!!

    :) Febe G.

    1. Thanks Febe! I like to SEE what I'm supposed to do, not just read it!


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