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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Congratulations to our June Scrapbook Place Blog Member of the Month Susan Slomski AKA Sue in CT . Many of you may know her but how much do you really know about her???? Sue joined Scrapbook Place on Feb. 29, 2012.   She resides in Naugatuck, CT, with her wonderful and loving husband Gerald, he is better known as Jerry to others.  Sue and her husband will be married six years this December.  Sue and Jerry have 5 beautiful children,  She has three from a previous marriage and he has two but they consider all 5 of them as "OUR" Children.  Talk about a family gathering they also have twelve grandchildren isn't that just awesome.  There were to be fifteen but two passed before birth and one after, this is sad for them but they know their grand babies are always in their hearts and they will see them again one day.  Sue has Fur-babies, she has three dogs, Buster had to be put down in March and she misses him so.  She also has four cats.   All of the cats were or/and still are wild and only one lives in the house  and isn't allowed out, the mother of this one is an indoor/outdoor cat , Sue wishes she could keep her in too but alas it is not happening.  The other two live in a make-shift house in Sue's garden complete with heat and a electric bowl for water in the winter, you are a great fur-baby mom Sue. One of these cats she can pet when she lets her but the other she still has never touched, even after 4 years. None of the four can she pick up (not even the house cat) or get to come to her when called.  Sue shared that she has met actors and singers when she has had a book signed or had backstage passes to an event and she never really met any other than Jane Fonda (who by the way she does not like and she told her so) LOL so funny Sue.  Sue shared that she thinks her jobs were nothing interesting, she worked in factories when they were  in CT and then went into corporate accounting.  Her favorite job however was  when she worked on a lobster boat  back when she was in her late 30's. She told me it was extremely hard work, and very physical, but there was nothing like the Long Island Sound as your work space.  She also said too that there was  the battle with the weather but all in all, she loved that boat job. Nowadays, she has the time to watch one of her grandchildren, a grandson named, Damien every day (and some weekends) while his parents work. She shared that is about all she can handle now (an active soon-to-be 2 year old).  Oh no not the terrible two's LOL.  Some random things about Sue are, she thinks New Mexico is the most beautiful state but her heart really belongs to Arizona. She so wanted to live there in the southern part but that wasn't meant to be. However she has visited there several times.  Sue also has property in NC (a farm) and she and Jerry plan on moving there when he can retire from his work (4 more years). Sue loves to garden and shoot photography along with her paper-crafting. She told me that once she saw a tornado and didn't even know it (She was in TX coming home from one of her trips to AZ) so she pulled off the side of the road and took pictures of what she thought was a dust storm until the pain from the blown dust was too much so she got back in and drove through it.  It wasn't until that night or the next day did she learn it was a tornado and it had killed several people. (she shared that she never knew when they are big and you're that close to it, you don't see it as a tornado, you only see the bottom part and the dirt blowing.) Luckily when she saw it, it was coming from a field and crossing the road she was on to go into another field so there were no houses or flying debris in it or she might not be here. I think we shall call her Dorothy as she could have been off to see the wizard.  I am so glad she is with us to share this story.  Sue has been having some health issues and has not done any scrapbooking since last year but hopes to be better soon to make some wonderful goodies again.


  1. Thanks for sharing with us !!!

  2. Wow, Sue! Lots of amazing experiences make for a great crafter!


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