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Sunday, June 26, 2011

July Card for a Cause - Cards for the Troops

Melissa Rhodes (co-owner of ScrapbookPlace Yahoo Group) is involved with Cards for our Troops when she found Debbi Dresser's blog, Debbi's Dribble. Debbi is a mother of a veteran. She sends out care packages to our troops overseas.
"What caught my eye about Debbi's blog was the line, 'THERE ARE NO HALLMARK STORES IN AFGHANISTAN OR IRAQ (YES...WE STILL HAVE TROOPS THERE)'", said Melissa. Melissa has had numerous family members in the Navy for generations - grandfather in Korea, father in Vietnam and brother in Desert Storm. She has always had a strong respect for those who have served our country and she thought that this would be a great cause to use her creative talents.
"I just couldn't resist. Cards are easy and fun to make and something you can make plenty of," remarked Melissa. Then, of course, she shared this cause with ScrapbookPlace and we all jumped on the band wagon.
Through pifs and snags, Melissa sends out a priority box full of cards and puzzle books to Debbi about once every month or two. She has been doing this since 2007! That's a lot of cards!
So, with that said, July's Card for a Cause is "Cards for the Troops".
Here are the details:
All occasion cards needed - Love You, Thinking of You, Hello, Friend, Missing you, Birthday & kids, Get Well.
In recognition of September 11 anniversary, we are asking every member to send Melissa a Thank you/Appreciation card to a soldier with a personal note inside (thank you for your service, you are in my prayers, hope you come home to your loved ones soon, etc).
Cards must not have glitter, as the glitter may get on soldier's uniform.
Cards should be blank on the inside. If the card base is dark, please include a white piece of cardstock for writing.
Envelopes are appreciated with the cards but not necessary.
Please label them July Cards for a Cause.
Please have all cards to Melissa by July 27 2011.
Send cards to :
Melissa Rhodes
47359 Brittani Ct
Hammond LA 70401

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