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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Craft Storage 101

I am always on the lookout for new storage tips. Because I don’t have family support for my “little hobby” I have to resort to rummage sale finds and alternative uses for odd items. I want to share some of my ideas that have succeeded, in hopes to learn even more ways to save money but most importantly TIME when looking for items!
Cling stamps: After attaching EZ Mount to these types of stamps, I try to keep them in sets, if not in themes, in clear CD boxes. I tried the cling sheets in a binder but that just didn’t work for me. So now most of my stamps are stored, labeled and neatly put up for easy access.

Stickles: Someone mentioned that Stickles were best stored upside down, so that the nozzles don’t clog up. Well, some of the bottles leak when stored upside down. No matter. I just applied a strip of Velcro onto my file cabinet, and small pieces of its matching Velcro to the bottles, and have my bottles lined up and easy to reach.
Photo Boxes: Nothing is better than a shelf that’s out of the way, yet easy to access. Hubby did help me out by putting up two shelves (1’x8”) across two sides of the room, along the ceiling. They fit photo boxes perfectly, and as you can see, store other, less-frequently used items out of the way.
Adhesives: I found a HUGE fish bowl/tilted candy jar at a thrift store for 50 cents (that’s right, you read it correctly). I like to have all my different kinds of adhesives all in one place close on my work space, so I just pile them into the jar. Refills are stored elsewhere.

Wood-mounted stamps: I have a file cabinet in my closet for storing this type of stamp. They are mostly stored by theme, while some of them are still stored as sets. In each drawer I used clear acrylic frames in which to put my stamps, so that if, by chance, I need to stamp flowers, I can open a drawer and pull out just the frame holding the flower stamps.


  1. Great storage tips Pat!! You are much more organizized than I am!!

  2. You are hired to come over here and straighten my mess out! Great write up - wish I were so organized!

  3. What neat ideas! My "area" is such a disaster I don't even work in there anymore. I will try some of these ideas to help with the clutter.


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