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Monday, May 9, 2011

Shannon helps us create a flower.........

Flower Tutorial
Supplies :
Flowers in different sizes {5 per flower}
Spray bottle with water
Heat gun
Tweezers or small tool to open flowers
Step 1:
Gather your flowers. You will need at least 5 to have a full looking flower.
Step 2:
Ink your flower in your colors of choice.
Step 3:
Add a brad being sure to stagger your petals so they look full.
Step 4:
Spray your flower with water. If you get it too wet it will rip and if its too dry it wont crinkle good. I spray the top really good then each layer as I pick it up.

Step 5:
Slowly using your fingers gather each layer and smash together.

Step 6:
When you have all the layers done it will look like this.

Step 7:
Using your heat gun, dry the flower bud for a few minutes so that it barely feels damp.

Step 8:
Slowly using your tool start to gently open each layer.

This is what it looks like with the first layer open.
Step 9:
This is what you will have when you open all the layers. Now take your heat gun and dry the flower for a few minutes so that it starts to harden.

Step 10:
When the top is starting to stiffen flip over and dry the back. This will help the flower be less flat.

Ta-Da here is your finished flower!!!

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