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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May CARDS FOR A CAUSE - Presents.....

The wonderful array of backpacks given away last year.
Each month we allow members to present a program for us to contribute cards to help that program out.  May cards for a cause will go to helping children obtain school supplies this fall in a BACKPACK PROGRAM at Baraboo, Wisconsin.    Here's Becky's plea for help from us (btw, I asked her for a 'short' blurb):
Becky helping setup the tables
Back when I worked at the junior high in Baraboo, the last day of school was very exciting for me and for some of the special education teachers.  Big barrels were put in the hallways and the kids cleaned
out their lockers and things they didn't want to take home went in the barrels.  Then the SPED teachers and I would run out before the janitors came up and we would empty the barrels of anything that was usable for kids next year.  One year, I found 3 new multifunction calculators - so I didn't need to buy one for my daughter the next year - I kept one for the office and the third one went to a kid the following fall.  Brand new notebooks, loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, you name it - it was in the barrels and most of it was brand new never used.  It said a lot about the kids throwing it out but it was so very helpful to us.  Every year, many kids would register and come to school with nothing, throughout the year.  We were able to supply these kids out of the barrel pickings.  I almost fell in the barrel more than once!
What wonderful items - all for the children!
For a number of years, I have had the idea to have a BACKPACK GIVEAWAY but didn't have an organization interested until Pastor Jesse came back to pastor our church and he gave me the go ahead without hesitation.  He likes to do "missions in our backyard" like this.  I had wanted to go on a missions trip but my husband asked what I would do about any health problems I would most likely experience away from home -- so I began my missions in my own town. 

We started with no budget - just collection barrels at church and Walgreen's, then at the police station.  My partner Cindy and I spoke at organizations like Kiwanis and Optimists.  And I went to the food pantry and other organizations and started signing people up.  I interview each family to make sure they fit our requirements - financial status, living situation, etc.  These are the kids who absolutely have no hope of even having new shoes much less school supplies.  Then the donations started coming in.

Through the generosity of many, many people, we were able to provide backpacks full of school supplies and personal items to 68 children last August.  Each backpack contains about $40-50 worth of supplies that are requested by the schools.

We reached out to these children in love and the only thing we asked for was their very best effort in school.  All money and supplies that were donated went directly to the children who needed our help the most.  Every single child stopped and thanked me when they picked out their backpacks.  It was absolutely thrilling to see them smile.  And they made thank you notes and enjoyed a cookie and juice, parents got to talk to each other, and pastor passed out postcards with information about our kids programs.  when we started the Kids Klub on Wednesday a couple weeks after that, we had 22 children in it, just from those postcards.

This year, Cost Cutters has pledged to help me get haircuts for each of the kids too.  And I have several people interested in having a program like this in their communities. The cards made in this month and presented to us will be sold during the week and at Bazaars thruout the year; the funds will be given to the Backpack budget to help defray all costs.  Ladies have been donating handmade cards from this group - we hope everyone can donate at least 5 cards - any occasion.

Please email me for an address to send your cards to (they do not need to have envelopes).

Nothing is ever short is it?  They cut me off the other night when I was speaking about the project at another organization!  Anyway, hoping you can find time to help us get ready for the school year this fall!

Becky Hovde


  1. I am in Please email me the address to send to.

  2. Great - Becky Hovde, 717 Ridge Street, Baraboo, WI 53913

  3. Posting a package of cards Monday 5/9. Thanks for the opportunity to pitch in!


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