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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Congratulations to our November Scrapbook Place Blog Member of the Month Clerissa Lewis . Many of you may know her but how much do you really know about her???? Clerissa joined Scrapbook Place on Sept. 08, 2013.   She resides in Utah, with her wonderful and loving husband Steve and their children. Steve is her better half, eternal companion and best friend.  He is a great husband and father and she is grateful everyday that he is all hers.  They have been married almost ten years now, and they dated for two years before that.   Clerissa is a workish from home mother of four children.  Her oldest child Jasmin is nine and she calls her my tiny dancer.  She was born blind in one eye, but dances like a dream, she shares.  Jasmin made a company team at the age of seven.  She and her family will be going to Disneyland in November as she will dancing in their Holiday Spectacular and also in a stage show. Jasmin keeps her mother very busy.  If you would like to see some of Jasmin's Blog please view this link really cute pictures of a lovely little girl  Next in the family is Ryken, he is six years old.  He is their little baller.  He loves to play soccer and basketball.  He is all boy in that sense.  He also loves to do hip hop.  He is a great helper and becoming quite the reader.  He loves to play minecraft and is very good at it.  Next in this awesome family comes Zackary. He is their three almost almost four year old.  He is in preschool this year and just loves it.  He also loves to do anything his older siblings are doing.  He too enjoys playing ball and doing hop hop and playing minecraft.  He is also a great helper to Clerissa as he is home with mom and little sister all day.  Last but not least  comes Alana she is seven months old.  She is their angel.  Clerissa and Steve were lucky to get pregnant with her ( Steve's R.A. meds made it difficult as he has been on them over 10 years.)  and then they almost lost Alana  to a chromosome disorder. When it rains it pours, later, Clerissa was also in an auto accident when she was eight months pregnant with Alana.  She is a huge blessing to their family.  She is the happiest baby and loves to snuggle and giggle.  She doesn't seem to know she is their last baby and they feel she should stay small longer, she is growing faster than any of their other children.  Please take a sweet peek at the Lewis Family blog the children are just cute as a button  Clerissa shares that she has been scrapbooking as long as she can remember.  She still has pages from when she was eight years old.  She loves the thought of preserving memories for when people can no longer remember them.  She didn't learn the art of card making until she was an adult, and says she will never buy another card.  Clerissa love cards because pages take her a while to get done but she can whip up a few cards in one sitting.  Clerissa shares that she just competed in a doTERRA biggest loser style competition and placed 3rd and her team placed 2nd, so she was really super excited about that has some interesting readings from her .  Clerissa has a lot of things she does in her free time she sells and teaches about doTERRA essential oils and supplements, but mostly it is just sharing so that is why she say workish at home.  She has always been semi crunchy, and tries to do things healthier and finding essential oils has been a huge blessing for her family, especialIy for her  husband's severe R.A.  If  anyone would like more info about doterra don't hestitate to ask her. Clerissa's  website is and a resource website  She  also sells and uses Close to my Heart products, She is definately is an addict over there ;) that website is if you would like to peek.  Clerissa has shared some layout pictures she has made below, enjoy everyone.  Congrats Clerissa for being selected as our Blog Highlight of the month.

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