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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Take Your Licking

I love to find recipes online, don't you? What's even better is to find them for those expensive craft supplies we need. So I wanted to share a few recipes you may like to try to save your budget for more imprtant things like PAPER, adhesives, MORE PAPER, digi images, and LOTS MORE PAPER! LOL
Here's a recipe for those of us who make our own envelopes.  It comes from one of our DT members, Virginia:

You will need:
6 TBS. pure white vinegar
4 packets (1 once) unflavored gelatin
1 TBS. flavored extract (it says peppermint, but I found that was very strong and a bit overwhelming). I suggest another flavor not as strong.
How to Make it:
1. Bring vinegar to a boil. Add gelatin and stir until complete dissolved.
2. Add extract. Stir until well blended. Makes 1/2 cup.
Use a brush to spread glue thinly on back of a label or an envelope flat. Dry. Moisten to seal.
Store in a capped bottle---will keep for several months without spoiling. It will set when cooled; however, to use again, melt by setting bottle in a pan of warm water.
Virginia M.

Anyone use FlowerSoft? I have a recipe to share for this type of medium. While I haven't had much luck with coloring the stuff, it looks fabulous on winter cards!

You will need:
Two styrofoam balls
large sheet of paper to gather up your homemade FS
How to Make it:
Hold a ball in each hand and rub together, causing flakes to fall off the balls.
Move them around in your hands to get the most out of them.
When finished, make a funnel from the paper holding your flakes and pour into baggies or containers.
Apply wet glue or Liquid Glass to the area on which you want to apply the Soft Snow (that's what I named my faux FS) and drop onto it, pressing slightly into the glue. 
Let dry and your winter scene has come alive with dimension!

Have you found a crafty recipe that you like? Share with us because we all like to save a little money (and you know where mine goes!). Since the challenge is Anything Goes, link your recipe and a photo of what you used it on TO DOUBLE YOUR CHANCE to win a set of Fiskars Embossing Plates and the embossing tool.
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  1. Love the recipe on how to make Flower Soft. What a great idea.
    Virginia M.

  2. Awesome ideas! Keep 'em coming!

  3. Great idea - can't believe them! Will use the flower soft idea right away!

  4. Love all the new information Great Job!!!

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  6. I've used the flower soft recipe many times. To color it, put 2 teaspoons to a baggie and add a drop or two of re-inker. Knead the bag, adding more reinker if needed. I also sometimes add a little glitter to the mix to give it more sparkle. I used this technique for the sand on my easel card aquarium last month.


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