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Friday, July 20, 2012


At Scrapbook Place, we have a Queen for the monh, and the above card is typical of cards made to give our new queens more fun.  I have to share our addiction with you - as written up by Pat Martin:

I saw a comment from one of our new members about being a Paperholic, and thought we could all benefit from the twelve step program. Just don't look to me as your sponsor, I have fallen off the shopping cart too many times to count!! Have fun with this, I made it up myself:

Step one: admit you have a problem.
Step two: gather your materials to thin down the amount
Step three: PIF a bunch at the next party
Step four: repeat 25 times a day: "I will not replace this, I will not replace this...
Step five: Don't even look at ads for Michael's, Joann's, HobbyLobby, Archiver and lss.
Step six: Be creative and frugal by working with your stash.
Step seven: show off your creativity (and your progress) by posting photos in your album.
Step eight: Before you buy, step out of the store and get a Coke or coffee. When you're finished with that, ask yourself if you still want it.
Step nine: Offer to "sponsor" your fellow crafters suffering from the same demons (don't be pushy, some aren't quite ready)
Step ten: Buy responsibly: recycle, reuse, refuse.
Step eleven: Email all your crafty friends and tell them how well you are doing; push it in their faces, brag, boast, laugh, cry.
Step twelve: Back to Step one, because by now you've fallen so far off the wagon that even the road is out of sight (serves you right for bragging, pride goeth before a fall).

Pat Martin
forever a paperholic (and proud of it)

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