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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today is Technique Thursday

Winner of the SBP Thursday Technique is:  Randomly-generated #2.  That's Karen!  Expect a little something special in the mail, Karen, and thanks for sharing your crafting tip!

Today is Technique Thursday, but I am sitting in a hospital room (photo is of view from his room), trying to be a comfort for my adult single son, whose life has taken a shortcut to disappointment.  While at weekend drill for his Army Reserves commitment, he was struck with wracking cramps and transported to the ER (across the street, thank God).  He awoke from surgery last night a little lighter, losing about a foot of his colon, which had twisted and caused a blockage.  Luckily, they caught it before it could cause lasting damage or become perforated and poison his whole system.  However, he lost his place in a future deployment to which he was looking forward.
So, for today's technique, we turn to our trusty bloggers, whose creativity, experience and ideas have given much improvement to our crafting lives.  We want to here about some technique, tip or suggestion that has saved you time, money, space, or, in my case, worry and stress. 
Here's mine:
When I craft, I am so focused on creating, that my worries meet an invisible force field that cannot enter my "sanity zone".  This is enhanced by playing my iPod and closing the door, so that I create not only projects, but my own little Zen den.  A very simple yet very effective way to "save" my sanity.
Tell us your technique, whether it's organizational, frugally-conscious, alternative supply usage, or just plain comforting, relaxing or productive.
Each entry will go into the random generator for a prize that's sure to please the craftiest!


  1. Hi Pat! My technique is to also put a CD of Bruce Springsteen or Neil Diamond (my faves) on my little CD player, shut off the kitchen lights and just hibernate in my own craft room (just off the kitchen area). I also keep 6x6 coordinating papers together in a box, 4x6 cardstock arranged by ROYGBIV in another box and I even have a basket hanging from the ceiling with just white cardstock that has been cut for a reason and is just waiting to be used. I am organized everywhere - right down to spare 2x12 strips all organized by color in drawers. This is the only way I can even work - and I put everything back soon as the project is complete only to bring it all out again! This is me tho!

  2. Hi Pat, I'm so glad that you're son is doing better and hopefully on the road to recovery.

    I struggled with displaying my stamp pads until I found this organization tip. I used to rummage through my stamp pads in small boxes but then I found an old wood cassette tape organizer on Ebay and decided it would serve my needs perfectly. Did you know that most stamp pads fit perfectly and are about the size of a cassette tape? I have a Stampin Up stamp pad organizer, so I didn't have to worry about them. Now I have my stamp pads displayed and they are so easy to access. Here's a sample of what someone else has done. Mine are all labeled and sorted, but you get the idea.

  3. Forgot to say, scroll down a little bit if you go to the webpage to see the cassette holder.

  4. Hi Pat, I'm so relieved to hear your son is on the road to recovery.

    I have a small DVD player on my craft desk and I put on episodes of The X-Files series and watch them while I'm scrapping. My daughter is usually in there with me watching the series and crafting too!

    Recently I organized all my punches using the BYGEL Rails from IKEA. Hubby helped me attach 3 rails on one wall for my Martha Stewart punches, and 3 rails on another wall for my Stampin'Up! punches. It's cleared off a lot of surface space in my scraproom. I also cleared out a lot of old craft projects to make room for new creations. My daughter displays her artwork in the scraproom as well.

    All my furniture is white, and the walls are painted a neutral beige color. I've added color to the room with brightly painted wooden storage boxes from Michaels, and by displaying a rainbow of Prima flowers, ribbons, paints, powders, inks, microbeads, and glitter as functional "art." I didn't want any one color to be prominent because I wanted ALL colors to pop out at me when I walk in my scraproom.


  5. Wow. Thanks Pat. I never expected anything. I was just hoping to share and inspire someone.

    There were many good ideas, thanks gals.

    Take care.



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